Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bathroom mirrors

Mirrors with frames are the upscale trend for bathroom vanities. Most commonly done in wood or metal, framing the mirror has become the expectation for bathrooms in new or renovated homes. Adding a framed mirror can instantly update a bath in an older home. This photo shows an interesting alternative to wood or metal, using a tile border to frame the mirror.

The tile frame in the photo is made of 4” x 4” tumbled marble in “Noche” that is also used as accents on the shower walls. This bathroom is in a builder spec home that had to remain neutral, in order to appeal to a broad range of buyers. But, when selling the home is not the immediate goal, the design can be more personalized. There are nearly an unlimited variety of tile options and combinations available. Pattern, texture, and color can be coordinated to tie in with other bathrooms finishes and create a one-of-a-kind look.

Creating a frame of tile around this mirror highlights the distinctive architectural feature of the arched inset surrounding the vanity. Using a single row of tile, as shown, can be a lot less expensive than a wood framed mirror, but gives a high-end designer touch. Wood frame mirrors can limit the size of the mirrored surface. Tile surrounds allow the entire wall above the sink to be mirrored, expanding a small space. Tile borders allow for customizing the frame to fit unusual shapes like this eyebrow arch that could not accommodate a straight lined wood frame mirror. The tile is installed in the shape and size desired, then the mirror is custom made to fit into the opening inside the tile design.