Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Light bulbs - making artful changes

Using a higher watt light bulb in some fixtures can highlight special items with light that is brighter than the surrounding area, giving them importance. Recessed can light fixtures that are located in proximity to artwork or decorative objects, can be retrofitted with a directional trim kit or directional light bulb that will refocus the light from shining straight down to beaming onto a specific location.

Another way to make recessed cans more interesting is to change some of them from flood lights to spot lights, just by changing the light bulbs, to create accents of bright and shadow. This light play gives a more rhythmic flow to your space. You can even highlight a particular furniture piece, if it is located beneath a can with a spot in it. The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas used this treatment in their lobby to great effect. They had a spotlight above the floral center piece on the table in the center of the lobby. And, they highlighted a beautiful round ottoman in their sitting area, that was upholstered in a really special fabric. Using light, they drew your eye to these lovely accent pieces. Spotlights are also very effective down a long hallway. They create pools of light that lead you down the path like stepping stones, making a boring hall space more interesting.

Everything you need to update your light bulbs and refit your recessed can fixtures can be found at local lighting showrooms like and It is a very inexpensive way to bring high-end interior design to your home decorating.